Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fairy House - Homemade, Durable, and Solar Powered

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My daughter loves fairies, and is a fan of all of the Tinkerbell movies (so am I!).  We were inspired to build a house for the fairies in our back yard, but I wanted something durable and with a special touch of magic.  I decided to go with a house built out of an upside down flower pot with a solar powered light to shine through the windows.

We used a PVC flower pot from Home Depot for the base of the house.  (Note:  if I do another one of these, I will chose a square pot instead of round - the round was hard to work with!)  My husband used his dremel tool to cut the doors and windows out of the pot.  The door is a wood plaque from the craft store that I painted, stained, and coated with clear acrylic paint (for waterproofing) and mounted in the door opening.  The windows were lined with opaque plastic sheeting and edged with foam cut from an orange foam can holder.  I drew flowers around the house using paint pens and coated it with more clear acrylic paint.

Solar Light
I bought a solar lawn stake light from Home Depot for $2.  We removed the stake portion of the light, cut a hole in the roof of the house (bottom of the flower pot), and glued it in place with the hot glue gun.  When the light turns on, it shines down into the house and the light comes out of the windows!

I used the hot glue gun again to attach the flower pot to an upside down base.  I then added a miniature white picket fence (found at Joann's craft store).  For a final touch, I glued pebbles in the roof with a hot glue gun.  Once we placed it in the garden, I scattered the remaining pebbles around the house.

Now when it gets dark at night, my daughter and I check to see if the lights are on in the fairy house.  This means fairies are in the house!  We built the house last November, and it has now lasted 10 months and is still looking great.

Fairy House in our back yard.

Fairy House at Night.  The fairies are in!

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